Episode 39 / Overkill

Our guest this episode was Matthew Shenoda! Listen to us talk about road trips, African poetry, and tennis shoes (as always) at opposablepodcast.com/39.


Inefficient snacking device #49



I: Routine stop

The way his hand wrenches
The neck of a stranger
How his feet kick the legs out from
Under him
Leaving the weight of his body
In the mercy of overkill

II: Son
There was a woman in an airport
Her son divided by oceans, by war, by triggers, by blood
There were the hands of another, who slid inside her palm
an envelope and whispered,
“Go and bring him”

They carried him over
Tucked him under
Hid him inside
Sheltered him closely
But the men in green
With their eyes made of convex lenses
And polycarbonate searing
Spotted him like a laser
Searching for a target
placed him in a cage made of polished earth
And sent him as far from his heart as they could.


Inefficient sketching process #78

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