Episode 27 / Nudity

Our guests for this episode were Meghann Sottile and Megan Sterling! Listen to us talk about in-TAG-lio, homelessness, pasta, and more at opposablepodcast.com/27.


Dolla dolla bill, y’all


Megan & Meghann

Wonder twin powers activate!


Finally a non-toddler project

Episode 21 / Interpret the Cosmology of Your Book Collection

Our guest for this episode was… Chris Reilly! Listen to us talk about syllabi, things every boy and girl should know, and takeout menus  at opposablepodcast.com/21.


The Plunge Router Rides Again!


Various Book-Sorting Algorithmi / Failure Balloons

See longer videos of Chris’ project here and here.


Podcast within a Podcast! ZOOONNNGGG! Interview with Cosomologist (go listen)