Episode 36 / Resistance

Our guest this episode was Jarrett Quon! Listen to us talk about Glowforge, Fentanyl, Cody Wilson, and Hitpersons at opposablepodcast.com/36.


The reason for the season



¡ juntos !


Abolish ICE*

*and by “abolish,” I mean create a thoughtful and forward-thinking set of policies and agencies that address the humanitarian and economic crisis at our border in a way that is consistent with our values and is in keeping with our shared morality and identity as a nation of immigrants. Or something.

Episode 27 / Nudity

Our guests for this episode were Meghann Sottile and Megan Sterling! Listen to us talk about in-TAG-lio, homelessness, pasta, and more at opposablepodcast.com/27.


Dolla dolla bill, y’all


Megan & Meghann

Wonder twin powers activate!


Finally a non-toddler project