Episode 13 / Make a Flag

Our guest for this episode was Violet Juno! Listen to us talk about pain in the membrane, the hexidecimal system, vexillology, and doing it the hard way for fun at opposablepodcast.com/13. Shout out to Arturo Romo  for coming up with the “Make a Flag” challenge!


Ethno-nationalist image hexing


Oceanside bodymorph megabanner


Democratically elected textile politics

Episode 11 / Uncertainty Generators

Our guest for this episode was Erin O’Brien! Listen to her talk about film theory (spoiler alert), 90’s queer performance art, the children’s guide to Paris, and meat at opposablepodcast.com/11. Shout out to Root Simple for coming up with the “Uncertainty Generators” challenge!


Pneumatic coin-flipping/exploding device


Parisian vitamin freebasing apparatus for uncertainty generation: found objects plus doubt, insecurities, questionable pharmaceuticals, big pharma, multiplied by affordable care act plus republican congressional attempts to replace and repeal.


Mysterious found photo essays